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//Words About
Tochel Bragg.
A world pioneer in foreign exchange marketing.

Creative leader who specialist in crypto
forex and wealth control.

Tochel Bragg is an Investment Manager and Risk Analyst who was born and raised in the Australia but currently based in Washington DC who specializes in helping you choose and manage investments (such as stocks), explains larger market trends and outlines the pros and cons of alternative investments. Tochel Bragg is also a foreign exchange trader with over 7+ years of experience.

He finds great people and find them great careers with an interest of having the funds of consumers invested in a way compatible with their risk perception, listening is important, asking questions to assess the needs of the consumer and using broad financial knowledge to help you accomplish those goals. It is no surprise he has made such a mark in the market, having kept this in mind throughout his successful trading / managerial career. Which specialize in assisting consumers in maximizing their entire return on investment by employing cutting-edge approaches. Which can assure consumers that they are making a smart investment since he developed his talent over the years by working collaboratively with his consumers to create extremely successful investing and trading methods that consistently provide a return.

Currency Pair Analytics

To assess buying or selling decisions on currency pairs, he does Forex Research. Using services such as charting software can be technological in nature. Using economic metrics and/or news-based incidents to decide.

Financial Planner

A professional with a background in financial planning who can help you build an successful strategy by reviewing your assets, which can include investment, savings and retirement plans, to meet your financial objectives.

Risk Analysis

A specialist who is enthusiastic about what he should do, and willing to make a difference by going the extra mile. In an uncertain and constantly evolving market world where risks need to be measured and prepared for, Tochel Bragg is considered the best

Portfolio Management

Tochel Bragg will build and manage investment portfolios for mid-size and big businesses including shares, securities and funds. This method of portfolio management involves advising clients on which assets to choose to optimize returns, as well as overseeing the portfolio output of the firm.

Some Interesting Facts
About Me

A specialist who is enthusiastic about what he should do, and willing to make a difference by going the extra mile.

Happy customers
Investment Portfolio
Awards Won
My Resume //

An Industry Expert

Work Experience

Worked in company "Citi Group"

01. -

Asset Manager

Citi Group is a Dutch hybrid of banking, insuring, and asset-managing services. One of the world's largest insurance and financial services companies, its operations are focused on its home Benelux market, as well as the rest of Europe, the Asia/Pacific region, and North America.

Worked in Morgan Stanley

02. -


Was in charge of evaluating investor's portfolio financial performance against a plan, assessing portfolio performance and market circumstances to produce predictions, and sending monthly reports to senior management to help them make tactical and strategic choices.

Details +

Work in company "Bex Crypto Max"


At Bex Crypto Max (BCM) We help investors trade in the stock market with the major aim of achieving a profitable investment and other financial opportunities such as currency pairs, (forex) Commodities, (Stocks, Gold, Silver, Crude oil and other precious metals) Cryptocurrencies (mining and trading).

At (BCM) I’m responsible for managing and modernizing our brand, digital experience, advertising and go-to-market strategies in order to maximize our investors profit by spreading your invested funds into these diverse assets in our portfolio.

03. -

Job Role:

  • Monitor compliance with limits
  • Provide senior management with global risk reporting and evaluation
  • Set uniform standards of risk assessment and capital allocation

More About Me

In a number of sectors, i illustrate strong skills in the areas of process implementation, consumer finance , wealth management, marketing analytics, management and managing large diverse teams in a central marketing history consisting of investors , business-business, and digital marketing encounters

//How I Work

How i Work

My Working Process

Tochel Bragg process is simple and effective, his process spans through three stages which makes it transparent and worry free.

  • Discuss

    Investment Advise

    He gives Investment advice first to his clients as well appropriate help them manage and structure a plan suitable for them.

  • Trade/Invest

    Investment Process.

    After structuring a suitable plan according to your financial needs, he helps you trade or invest.

  • Returns

    Profit Returns

    You are in control of your returns at the end, but he keeps you updated and helps you grow wealth.


General Skill Set and

My Skill Set Ranges Across Many Industries From Marketing, To Finances Then To Branding,Design And So On...
Shows a Minimal List Of My Skill Set.


Professional Skills

By integrating the customer-focused service that was historically the trademark of private banks and investment law firms with state-of-the-art portfolio creation, risk control and diversification theories, I will offer a range of financial planning options with the primary purpose of updating your personal investments as we collaborate to accomplish your life goals.
01. -
Foreign Exchange
Risk Management
Financial Analysis
Investment Advisor

Language Skills

Over the years, I have been opportuned to travel around and be acquianted with a few languages.
02. -




My Resume //

My knowledge Origin

Educational Background

Bachelor's Degree

01. -

Monash University

Located in Melbourne, Monash University is the best university in Australia to study Business, Accounting and Finance. Which has ranked at number 4 for its Accounting and Finance.

Masters Degree(MBA)

02. -

Griffith University

Built on different core values that i crucial to doing business by developing leaders who are responsible to demonstrate the ethical behavior and high level of integrity which creates financial approach to social the lead to sustainable business

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